Our Story

Like many creatives over the past year, isolated from our communities and with cancelled future projects, we have had a lot of time to reflect upon our work.

For the co-founders of Three Pound Coin, it has become clear that when it comes to empowering queer voices in theatre, the time is now. We have all experienced a lack of representation in the arts both in the stories that are told and in who gets to tell them. Not only this, but we realised that the theatre that brings us most joy, is theatre that celebrates queer experiences that we can see ourselves in.

In the summer of 2020, we came together in a collective decision to change the landscape of theatre within and outwith the Edinburgh scene. To propel complex and compelling queer anthropologies onto the stage, moulding the theatrical mainstream in our own image. We have ambitions to nurture a thriving creative community, producing new, exciting art that isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

Three Pound Coin takes its name from the derogatory phrase ‘queer as a three dollar bill’. We’re doing things differently. We’re here. Get Ready.