Meet the team

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Emily Oulton (She | Her)


Emily is Artistic Director and co-founder of Three Pound Coin. As long as she can remember being interested in theatre, she’s been drawn to productions exploring queer identities, sexualities and expression. From ‘Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties’ to ‘The History Boys’ to ‘The Vagina Monologues’, as well as several pieces of new writing, Emily has been involved in all aspects of the theatrical process both within the theatrical student community and beyond. She is especially interested in gender-bent productions and how it can lend new (and crucially queer) meanings to established texts. Emily is a writer as well as director and wants to write the Next Great Bisexual Epic as well as a play about lesbians that is set after the invention of electricity.

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Ben Fleming (He | Him)


Ben is Artistic Director and co-founder of Three Pound Coin. Since moving from Manchester to Edinburgh in 2018, Ben has been involved in a diverse range of productions with Bedlam Theatre and Big Mind Theatre in both direction and performance. Through working alongside other queer creatives at Three Pound Coin he hopes to explore the breadth of queer experience, projecting new stories onto the stage that are compelling, shocking and sexy. Previously, Ben has looked at masculine expression when directing a production of Luke Norris’ ‘So Here We Are’, examining how patriarchal, small-town mindsets can harm sexual expression and identity. Outside of theatre Ben is reading History & Politics and has a background in political activism, as a founding member and former COO of YouthPolitics UK.

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Issi Ladd (She | Her)


Issi is co-executive producer and co-founder of Three Pound Coin Theatre. Growing up in Newcastle, she credits her love of theatre to productions by Northern amateur groups and independent theatre companies. Since her move to Edinburgh, Issi has built a diverse producing portfolio within various Edinburgh University theatre groups. She previously held the position of Marketing Manager at Bedlam Theatre and is currently the Producer of Edinburgh-based improvised comedy troupe ‘The Improverts’. Alongside producing queer art that is bold and adventurous, Issi is committed to youth outreach and education. She is determined to provide young, queer creatives with the means to tell stories that are both original and familiar. Issi is known for being “efficient and friendly”, which is a reputation she is determined to uphold in her role with Three Pound Coin Theatre.

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Doug Stephenson (They | Them)


Doug is Co-Executive Producer and Co-Founder of ‘Three Pound Coin Theatre’. Doug is a British/Filipino theatre maker focusing on the impact, outreach and community that our unapologetically queer theatre can make. Having come from a low income and rural background as a young carer, it has been a long journey for Doug to find their footing within the queer community. Discovering how their love of art, theatre and science can create a free, supportive and experimental space is one of the most wonderful projects they have undertaken. With experience in theatre finance, administration and Biomedical Sciences, Doug will bring their unique perspective to Edinburgh theatre and use our company to help uplift marginalised voices.